Brow Fry custom made bass drum carriers and conversion kits are built by Brian Fry - a bass drummer himself - for pipe band bass drummers. Brow Fry carriers are robust and light weight and have quickly secured a reputation amongst some of the world's top bass drummers as being top for comfort.  
  Carriers & Conversion Kits  

  Models Available  
  Brow Fry Carriers have a variety of models:
  • Bass Carrier (Brushed Aluminium)
  • Bass Carrier (Black Sparkle)
  • Bass Carrier (Custom colours)
  • XL Snare Carrier Conversion Kit

Brow Fry and Cameron Drumming Supplies have teamed up to offer soft web strap system conversions to XL and CDS XL style snare drum carriers. The system can be easily integrated by replacing the adjustable shoulder supports on the carrier. Converted carriers are comfortable and snug, with even weight distribution across the shoulders, and can be easily worn under uniform jackets. The system can be supplied on its own or pre-installed in the CDS XL drum carrier available from Brow Fry Drum Carriers and Cameron's Drumming Studio.

  Carriers come supplied with a Highland Gear bass drum pad, which helps balance the instrument and minimise body contact with the drum's shell.  



Highland Gear bass drum pads are supplied as standard with all Brow Fry carriers

  Custom Build  
  Carriers ordered direct from Brow Fry can be built to suit the size of the player, making the Brow Fry carrier one of the few custom available on the market. Please contact us for information on this service.  
  Brian Caird
Aberlour Community & District Pipe Band
  Brian Caird"I have used the Brow Fry bass carrier for over four years and can't praise it enough. It is light weight and supports the weight of the drum like no other carrier does. I highly recommend any bass drummers out there to change to a Brow Fry, I guarantee you'll wish you did it years ago."  
  Mike Cole
MacMillan Pipe Band
  Mike Cole"The Brow Fry harness is ergonomically designed, light weight, and easy to pack. An all-round great carrier!"  
  Reagan Jones
Peel Regional Police Pipe Band
  Reagan Jones"The Brow Fry carrier is lightweight, easy to put on and versatile with any drum or anyone. It fits comfortably and can fit high so you can hear the tone of your drum, you "hug" the drum. The colour selection is neat as well if you like custom colours. Reasonable price."  
  Spencer Kirk
Olympia Highlanders Pipe Band
  Spencer Kirk
Spencer is one of the newest members of the Olympia Highlanders Pipe Band, Olympia, WA. The band purchased a Hosbilt bass drum, then choose the Brow Fry carrier to be the best design him as a young bass player. The carrier has worked out very well. It is light weight, easy to use, does not get in the way of is playing, and fits him securely, yet will grow with him.
  Michelle Merry
RCMP 'E' Division Pipe Band
  Michelle Merry"When I tried my band's drum and their Brow Fry for the first time, it was EASY to carry and play the drum for sustained rehearsals. I loved the Brow Fry so much that as soon as I got home I ordered one for myself. It has made playing the bass much more fun now that my back doesn't ache after a long set. I would recommend this harness to everyone who plays bass."  
  John Rowe
Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band
  John Rowe"Light weight and puts the drum up at the perfect height.

I love my Brow Fry harness."

  Brow Fry bass drum carriers can be built to order or purchased direct from any of the following dealers:  


  Cameron's Drumming Studio
Highland Gear


  Scott Currie Ltd  
  Mulligan & MacHendry  

Please contact us for further details about custom made carriers.


Brow Fry Drum Carriers is not responsible for injuries caused while wearing bass drum carrier.

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